About Us

Beautiful woman receiving facial with the best Le Mieux anti-aging serums for plump, healthy, radiant skin

Healthy, clean and clear skin is our goal. We utilize professional quality products, tools, and techniques that work to help improve and make positive, visible changes in your skin as naturally as possible. We utilize exclusive and results-driven treatments for optimal results for acne, anti-aging and overall beautiful skin. Services include: peels, enzymes, masks, microcurrent, microdermabrasion, microneedling, nano-needling, dermaplaning, radio frequency and lash lifts.   


Our mission is to help our clients achieve their best possible skin by providing them with  effective and current education, guidance, products and services for optimal results.

Vision: Our clients trust us and rely on us to provide them with the latest and best products and services to achieve their skin goals. We provide results-oriented skin services at fair pricing while being an industry leader and providing an ideal work setting for the best aestheticians.


Our Standards


We, as a team, commit to excellence by:


  1. Leaving our worries at the door, putting on our aesthetician hat and being fully present while in this role and in this space

  2. Being authentic, operating out of love for our profession, our clients and ourselves

  3. Never compromising our integrity, ethics, morals or values

  4. Treating everyone, including ourselves, with respect and compassion, creating a space that is safe, supportive, loving and graceful

  5. Having a positive attitude of gratitude and kindness

  6. Nurturing and growing in all areas: professional, emotional, spiritual, mental, physical and financial

  7. Creating win-win opportunities for all.