Peptide Moisturizer

  • Very hydrating, gentle yet effective formula reduces inflammation, increases collagen, improves elasticity and is full for goodness for acne prone and aging skin.

    Recommended Use: Use morning and night to moisturize and hydrate your skin.


    Product Shelf Life: 12 months


    Key Ingredients:

    -Zinc Gluconate: anti-inflammatory, reduces oil, regulates cell turnover, prevent pore clogging,

    -Copper Gluconate: anti-oxidant, peptide, anti-inflammatory, reduces scarring, stimulates hyaluronic production

    -Tetrapeptide-17: increases collagen, 

    -Sodium Hyaluronate: hydrates, helps in wound healing and scar prevention,, 

    -1-Copper Tripeptide: increases cell turnover, collagen production, elasticity, firmness; decreases photo damage & glycation, 

    -Tocopheryl Acetate: vit E, antioxidant, moisturizer