Choosing The Right Anti Aging Facial

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Some of the main skin concerns as we age are: lines/wrinkles, sagging skin, hyperpigmentation, sun spots, dryness and dull skin.

While there is a small genetic component to how we age, the biggest contributor is sun damage. There is also a loss of volume and elasticity and a decrease of collagen and elastin production.

There are many facial services that can slow the aging process of the skin and even reverse some of the damages.

These can help to:

-lightening or even lifting sun damage

-increasing collagen and elastin production to decrease lines and wrinkles

-increasing skin hydration to decrease fine lines

-tightening or relaxing muscles for a more lifted appearance

The following treatments will build up your skin from the inside out for long-term results and are minimally invasive. Some are even described as producing the results of a non-surgical facelift.

Treatments offered for anti aging are:

-Customized peels: reduce hyperpigmentation, remove dull/dead skin cells, stimulate collagen production

-Microneedling: breaks down hyperpigmentation, turns over skin cells, stimulates collagen and elastin, smoother skin appearance and texture

-Nano-needling: infuses products, increases circulation

-Microcurrent: tightens and tones facial muscles, increases ATP production resulting in increased collagen and elastin production

-Radio Frequency: tightens loose skin, stimulates collagen and elastin

-Fibroblast: tightens skin, stimulates fibroblast to increase collagen and elastin

-LED light: increases ATP production, stimulates fibroblast, increases collagen production

-Specialized serums & masks: to exfoliate, hydrate, tighten or lift


During your treatment consult, your Aesthetician will discuss your skin concerns and goals and make recommendations about which facials would benefit you most. Together, you will come up with a Treatment Plan to reach your skin goals.

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