Choosing The Best Anti Aging Products

Some of the main skin concerns as we age are: lines/wrinkles, sagging skin, hyperpigmentation, sun spots, dryness and dull skin.

While there is a small genetic component to how we age, the biggest contributor is sun damage. There is also a loss of volume and elasticity and a decrease of collagen and elastin production.

We are typically looking for products that can slow the aging process of the skin and even reverse some of the damages.

These can help to:

-lightening or even lifting sun damage

-increasing collagen and elastin production to decrease lines and wrinkles

-increasing skin hydration to decrease fine lines

-tightening or relaxing muscles for a more lifted appearance

Below are some of the best anti aging products or ingredients that will help achieve healthier and more youthful skin.

Treatments offered for anti aging are:

-Sunscreen: this is by far the most essential anti aging product since most aging is caused by sun damage to the skin. I prefer a physical sunscreen.

-Vitamin A: comes in many forms such as retinols, retinoids, retinaldehyde, retinyl palmitate, retinoid acid. These are helpful in improving many skin conditions including evening out skin tone and hyperpigmentation, decreasing lines and wrinkles by increasing collagen production, decreasing inflammation, and clearing up clogged pores.

-Peptides: these are the building blocks of collagen and are essential your anti aging regimen. Our best anti aging serums contain many different peptides to maximize results

-Antioxidants: these fight off free radicals which inevitably exist in our environment and contribute to aging

-Eye Creams: the thin skin around our eyes doesn’t product sebum and thus ages more quickly. It important to use the anti aging eye cream possible to address all concerns of this delicate area.

-Moisturizers: as we age, our skin becomes dryer and more dehydrated. Using good quality moisturizers and a hyaluronic product will help keep those wrinkles away.

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