Brow Lamination for Perfect Brows

With the increased focus on perfect brows in the last few years, it is no wonder that Brow Lamination services have become such a hit in the quest to keep those brows on fleek. Our brows frame our face, open our eyes and give us that done, no make up needed look.

Not all of us have been blessed with the full, bushy brows. Some of us have also over-tweezed or waxed our brows to the point of having gaps or pencil-thin brows that no longer grow full or even. Microblading, a hair-like strokes tattoo, became a popular option for fuller, even brows. But it does fade within the first year and requires yearly touch-ups which hold less and less as the skin scars after each touch-up.

Eyebrow lamination addresses a lot of these concerns. Most of our brow hairs tend to grow sideways or down. A brow lamination will soften and reset the hairs so they can stay in an upward direction when brushed. This gives the brow a fuller or even bushy appearance. A brow lamination service can be followed by a henna-like dye or tint to give a more even or filled-in look. The service can be completed with a brow wax or tweeze for a very clean, professional finish.

Not all lamination services are the same. You want to make sure that the product being used is meant for brows and not lash lifts. Since the product touches the skin, it needs to have a lower pH and concentration to prevent skin irritation or damage to the brow hair.

Put away the brow pencil, and get your brows laminated for gorgeous brows!

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