Best Clay Mask for Congested Skin

Bentonite clay is all the hype lately and rightfully so. Among the many benefits of this natural ingredient are:

-removing toxins from the body

-absorbing excess oil/sebum and impurities from the skin

-detoxing or cleansing specific areas

-calming redness and irritation

-exfoliates dead skin and dark spots

-rich in beneficial minerals and nutrients

Kaolin clay is raved about because it’s gentle yet versatile and effective in:

-sloughing off dead, dull skin

-absorbing impurities

-cleans out bacteria and debris from pores

-absorbs excess oil

-exfoliates and deep cleans the skin

-softens the skin

-nutrient-rich: Kaolin is made from silica which is necessary for collagen production (which fills up those acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles). Win!

These are both gentle and non-drying yet quite effective. They will help clear pimples faster and leave your skin clean, bright and smooth.

If you love masking, our Detox Clay Mask w/Sulfur is perfect for spot treating the T-zone, blackheads, and pimples or as an all-over mask for decongesting or brightening the skin.

Check it out here:

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