Need to get rid of excess fat pockets and achieve that silhouette shape -Why Choose Body Contouring?

Body contouring or body sculpting is a non-invasive non-surgical service to shape, tone, remove excess hardened fat, tighten loose skin, and increase collagen production. It’s an easy painless and quick service which can often provide visible improvements even after one session.

Various types of machines can be used but will usually involve some type of ultrasound cavitation which uses sound waves to break down, liquify or emulsify fat and rupture fat cells to release this sludge. A combination of lymphatic massage and specialized vacuum are used to move this liquid fat into the lymphatic system where it can be expelled by the body.

Other tools used include radio frequency with heats up the skin to tighten, increase collagen production and release cellulite pockets. A laser lip device uses red LED and infrared lights to also help with healing, tightening and collagen.

Although there are several other more invasive options out there such as liposuction, plastic surgery, tummy tucks, coolscupting, sculpsure, zerona and many more, these often come with more down time and potential side effects or complications.

This procedure does not destroy fats which actually play important functions such as storing needed energy and regulating hormone production. But it will work on removing stubborn, hardened fat and improve the function and effectiveness of fat cells.

Some of the benefits of body contouring include reducing fat and cellulite, skin tightening and shaping or sculpting the body.

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