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If you: 

  • Are tired of struggling with acne

  • Have tried everything but nothing works

  • Don't want to continue using harmful medications


Hi, I'm Viv!

My name is Viv and I own My Perfect Skin Clinic. We focus on corrective skincare and we have cleared hundreds of people (myself included) who have suffered from acne their whole lives.


Like many others, I’ve tried all the creams and prescriptions that promise to get rid of acne. I understand the frustration of being hopeful for the promises of clear skin only to throw money at another thing that didn’t work.


Guess what, there is No cure for acne. But through years of education and training, I have found the best system to keep acne mostly clear and under control.


The best part is that once you have this education, you can tweak your lifestyle as best suits you while being empowered to know what works. You will be able to make educated choices about makeup, skin care products, treatments, foods, etc.

How The Clear Skin Program will help you:

  • Learn the true causes of acne. Do you even know what acne is?

  • Learn what triggers and exacerbates acne

  • What are pore-clogging ingredients to avoid


  • What are the products and ingredients that actually work and help clear acne


  • What foods actually make acne worse


  • What are some of the myths we’ve been believing about acne

What our previous Clients are saying...

Edith M

Viviana knows her stuff! She has the experience, knowledge, and confidence in your healing that it brings hope to a long term acne sufferer like myself! I have been struggling with acne since my teen years, I'm in my late 20's now and boy was I frustrated! Nothing has been as effective on my skin. I would recommend this to any acne sufferer out there is is suffering in silence and trying to find what works. Well, look no further!

Kristen B

My daughters face has completely cleared up. It is amazing. She has very sensitive skin and to find something that works so good is a blessing. I have been recommending Viv to everyone.

Amy C

Viv is a true professional and a wonderful person. She knows the research behind the products and procedures she offers. I have struggled with acne for over 20 years and been to different dermatologists and tried everything. Nothing had worked. Thanks to Viv and her products, I have clear skin! Viv is now working on scarring and I'm already seeing results. Highly recommend!

After years of helping clients at our clinic and virtually, I’ve decided to bring this program into the hands of acne sufferers everywhere, for all those who cannot come in to our clinic. 


No matter where you live or your time zone, you can access our digital program from anywhere, at any time and on your schedule.


Doors will be opening soon for the first launch of our digital course. Sign up for the waitlist to take advantage of early bird specials and bonuses and be in the first group of participants and get clear, beautiful, healthy skin once and for all.

  • If you want to be able to get up and go without applying a full face of makeup 


  • If you want the confidence of clear skin; say goodbye to painful and annoying zits that seem to pop up at the worst times.

  • If you want to the power of knowing your skin and understanding how to best care for it

  • If want want smooth, clear, glowing skin

  • If you want to feel confident in the makeup and skin care products you choose, knowing that they won’t break you out

  • If you’re done trying everything and feeling frustrated and let down by the lack of results