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Providing the best waxing experience

in Gilbert and all of Maricopa


The Experience

A bespoke boutique spa experience.


Friendly, Professional, Respectful, Discreet, Effective, Comfortable, Clean, Fast but not rushed


Using the most effective and safest products that are gentle and nourish the skin


Highly skilled expert waxing specialists

The Benefits


Longer lasting results than shaving. Stay smooth & hair free longer.


Hair grows back slower, finer and sparser.


The Result


Soft, smooth, hair free skin that is ready to go



The Offer

Offering full face and body waxing including eyebrow waxing, bikini wax, brazilian wax

Pricing: see service prices below or under schedule button



Before and After Care




  • Hair should be at least the length of a grain of rice (about 1/4 inch). 

  • Do not shave beforehand. But if hair is longer than 1/2 inch, you’ll want to trim the hair

  • Exfoliate the area 24-48 hours before your appointment

  • Do not use lotions 

  • Do not use retinol or products with acids (glycolic, etc) for 1 week before your appointment

  • Avoid sun exposure for 48 hours

  • If you are sensitive, taking Ibuprofen 30 minutes before can help


Post Care:


  • Wait 3 days to exfoliate the area

  • No pools, saunas or steam for 24 hours

  • No sun exposure for 24 hours

  • Apply recommended products

  • After 3 days, exfoliate 2-3 times a week



Waxing Maintenance


Follow up is recommend every 3-4 weeks for facial waxing and every 4-6 weeks for body waxing.



Brow $22

   with tint $30


Face 50


Chest  30


Stomach 30



   Regular 30-35

   Extended 45


Female Brazilian 50

Add ons:

   Lip 12

   Chin 12

   Nostrils 12

   Ears 12

   Sideburns 14

   Neck 15

   Stomach Strip 12

   Inner thighs 14


   Half 40

   Full 70

   Feet 14



   Underarms 18

   Half 28

   Full 49



   Half 25

   Full 45

   Glutes 25



Brow, Lip & Chin 45


Brows & Brazilian 65


Brow, Lip & Underarms 48


Brazilian & Underarms 62