How are we Covid-Ready?

What we are doing to be Covid ready:


Aestheticians have to complete an extensive Pathogens and Sanitation certification as part of our coursework. We learn about different pathogens, disinfecting, sanitizing and sterilization to prevent cross-contamination. We have always maintained very high sanitation standards and sanitized all instruments and work area but have added additional measures for increased thoroughness including:


  • Using one-time use disposables whenever possible

  • In-room air filtration system always running

  • Staff will use:

  • Face shields or goggles, 

  • Copper and/or N95 face masks

  • Gloves for every service

  • Antimicrobial Kansa copper wand for facial massages

  • Wiping ALL touched surfaces in between clients (including checkout area, tablet, cc machine, bottles/products, table, counters, knobs/handles/sink, etc) with hospital grade sanitizer.

  • Readily available hand sanitizer and tissues for staff and clients

What we ask of our clients:

  • You are asked to wear a mask or socially distance when entering the building.

  • You will need to remove your mask if receiving a facial service.

  • We ask that clients wash or sanitize hands when arriving and leaving the room. We will provide you with a fresh, hot towel to wipe your hands upon arriving. We also have hand sanitizer for your use.

  • Please minimize bringing other guests with you. If you bring someone, please have them sanitize their hands upon entering our room.

  • Please cancel your appointment if you are sick, have been sick or have been around anyone with symptoms. If you have travelled within the past 14 days, please monitor symptoms closely and wait at least 5 days to make an appointment.

We work with our clients in a very clean and controlled 1:1 setting and want you to feel confident that we are taking all necessary precautions to keep you and our staff healthy and safe.